The Jack B. Yeats Collection

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Jack B. Yeats was the youngest of four surviving children of the painter John Bulter Yeats (1839-1922).
He was born in London in 1871 and raised in Sligo, a seaside town in Ireland, by his grandparents, William and Elizabeth Pollexfen.
At the age of sixteen, Jack moved to London where he studied art at the South Kensington, Chiswick and Westminster schools. In 1888 he was an accomplished graphic artist and provided illustrations for many journals, including The Begetarian, Ariel, Paddock Life and Lika Joko.In 1897 he moved to Devon, another seaside town, where he turned his attentions to oil painting and watercoulours. In 1910, he moved back to Ireland, in Greystones, County Wicklow, and then onto Dublin in 1917 where he spend his remaining years. Jack B. Yeats is regarded as being one of Ireland's most important Twentieth-century artists.