The Tony Klitz Collection

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Born in Southport, "Tony" Klitz was educated at Bishop Wordsworth School, Salisbury, and attended Cheltenham Art School (1936-1939) until his war service (1939-1945). Demobilized as a Major, he eventually came to live and work in London in 1950 and evolved his style after working with the Australian artist Hayward Veal (while in London).

At the time of his second exhibition in London, the critic Norman Collins wrote: "In comparison with other great capitals of the world London remains astonishingly unpainted. Mr. Klitz, an artist with a fine sense of architectural atmosphere and character, has done a great deal to redress the balance. His pictures show a fine but restrained sense of colour and he is engagingly sensitive to the London scene. Mr. Klitz is an artist - and this is a high tribute indeed - whose work will appeal equally to those who live in London and to those who have paid a visit to London, and want to have something by which to remember it. Whether it is Horse Guards Parade or the River, Mr. Klitz has captured that strange pearly light which is the secret of so much of London's grace."
Tony sadly passed away in 2000.