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Born in 1968, it is Martin Finnin's proud boast that he has dropped out of no less than three art schools in Dublin, Limerick and Cork. He spent some time travelling before returning to Cork in the mid-1990's to resume his career.

Although there can be no question of a direct influence, his work shares certain characteristics with that of Matt Lamb. Finnin's early work was built up a relief effect, which were often 3 dimensional. Coral sand, zinc powder, powder paints, fur, quail eggs, toy soilders, even Monster Munches were all incorporated in Finnin's work.

More recent works seem to follow the same combination of complex surfaces and simple figures, but his work has been simplified to good effect making it stronger and less diffuse.

Martin Finnin Review
Sunday Business Post January 08, 2006 - Ros Drinkwater
Among the younger abstract artists, I would put Martin Finnin at the head of any list of potentially sound investments for 2006. After a successful Dublin show in the Origin Gallery in November, he was chosen for inaugural exhibition of the new London venture of the Form gallery in Cork. His paintings are best described as as celebration of the sheer sensuality of colour.

Important Exhibitions:
La Luicemica Gallery, Mexico
Lost Boys Coffee Shop, Magyamstradd Harlem, Holland
Jo Rain Gallery, Temple Bar, Dublin
"Spinoza" Blackcombe, Cork
"Forest of Banquets" Tig File Gallery, Cork
"The Big Picture"Printmakers Gallery, Limerick
"A Subtle Consolation of Existence", Vangard Gallery, Cork Vermont
Studio Centre, Vermont, USA.
University College Cork, Spazio Tiempo Gallery, Florence Italy, The Permanent Collection, Crawford Mini Arts Collection, Dept. of Foreign Affaires Dublin, Vermont Studio Centre, Vermont USA, Cork Opera House.
Representatives of 51 countries were competing in Vermont USA: Martin Finnin claimed 1st Prize.